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Driveway culverts:

1.     Shall be required wherever necessary to provide adequate drainage, as determined by vote of the Town Board of Supervisors or its designee.

2.     Shall be constructed of either corrugated steel, or of plastic. The steel culverts must be manufactured of galvanized steel no less than 18 gauge. The plastic culverts must be of double wall construction, their composition being: the outside wall of corrugated plastic, bonded to the inside wall of smooth plastic.

3.     Shall be installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications for over-top cover, backfill compaction and other construction requirements.

4.     Shall be a minimum of 15 inches in diameter. A larger-diameter culvert may be required by the Town Board.

5.     Shall be installed with the bottom of the culvert at the same elevation and grade as the bottom of the ditch abutting the town road.

6.     Shall extend 1 foot beyond the driveway shoulder where it intersects the natural ground elevation or bottom of the road ditch unless an appropriate apron is installed.

7.     May not be purchased through the Town of Rusk.


Temporary driveway permitsmay be obtained for a period of six months from a Town Board member. All driveway ordinance guidelines shall be required. A culvert may also need to be installed by the issuer. When the use of such temporary driveway is over, the property owner shall restore the ditch line to its original grade and seed it.


All new driveways shall comply with the following standards unless a variance is approved by the Town Board of Supervisors.  The points below describe required construction standards when connecting a driveway to a Town of Rusk road, with the objective of improving public safety and security.

a)     Drivewayson the same side of a Town Road, shall be separated by at least 200 feet. Lesser distances require approval by vote of the Town Board of Supervisors. Driveways on opposite sides of the road shall be located across from one another or as nearly so as is practicable.

b)     The driveway’s approach to a public roadway shall be clear of all visual obstructions including vegetation, structures, and topography (hills and embankments), so as to allow full view of traffic approaching from both directions on the town road.

c)     Sight stopping distancealong a town road to a driveway located on vertical crest curves of town roads, shall be checked by a Board member or its designee to assure it is in conformance with the standards of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation.

d)      The first section of any driveway shall be perpendicular to the centerline of the town road, from the edge of the roadway to a point that is 40 feet from the center line (hear after known as C/L) of the existing town road.

e)     Minimum driveway widthshall be 20 feet wide from the edge of the roadway to a point that is 40 feet from the C/L of the existing town road.

f)      The C/L grade of the drivewaywhere it meets the shoulder of the existing town road to a point that is 40 feet from the C/L of the town road shall be level with the shoulder of existing town road with a minimum of minus-one (-1) percent and a maximum of minus-five (-5) percent slope from the shoulder edge of the existing town road. This is to prevent erosion of the driveway onto the existing town road.

g)     The slope of the driveway shoulder embankment shall not exceed the ratio of 4:1 (4’ of run per 1’ of rise) or the slope of the embankment of the town road, whichever is less.

h)     Retaining wallsare not permitted within the road right-of-way.

i)       Red or amberreflectors marking driveways shall not be within the town road right-of-way.

Driveway and Culvert Application at http://www.townofrusk.com/forms-and-permits