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Town Board Meeting
Aug 14, 2014
PDF Version: 38475_2014-Aug-14_Town Board Meeting.pdf


Date:            Thursday August 14, 2014

Location:     Rusk Town Hall, N709 CTH “F”

Attendees:   Chairman Dobrowolski, Supervisors Styczynski and Franklin, Clerk Arnold, Treasurer Matus, 8 residents and 1 property owner.

Properly noticed on August 12, 2014 at the Rusk Town Hall, Narrow’s Resort and Ponderosa.

Meeting was called to order at 7:11 pm by the Chair, followed by Pledge of Allegiance / Moment of Silence followed


Minutes Approval

Motion by Dave 2nd by Lisa to dispense with the reading of the July 10 Regular Meeting minutes.

Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Dave, 2nd by Lisa to approve the July 10 Regular meeting minutes with removal of attachments and change from Kramer Well Drilling to Kramer Services.

Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Steve, 2nd by Dave to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Citizens’ Comments / Concerns

·        Question of who to contact to report persons exceeding posted lake speeds    

·       Auger – cannot be rebuilt.  Steve will take truck in.

·       Resignation of Supervisor Franklin, effective August 31, 2014.

·       WTA meeting report from Styczynski

Roads Report

1.     Plummer Road

Last culvert and wedging was put in, road work is complete.  Road signs posts will be put in.

2.     Sunrise Point

County is being asked for an estimate for Rip Rap project.  There is only a 16’ right of way.

3.     Morning Side Lane

Brushing is needed in places.  Discussion on widening the South end of the road.

4.     Horseshoe Lake Road repair estimates.

Steve is getting estimates.

5.     Hogback Rd repairs.

Culvert is repaired

6.     County Line Rd (listen to tape)

7.     Five Year road & buildings plan

No action

8.     TRIP Program

Application deadline is approaching.  Can get aid to replace culverts that are 36” diameter or greater and 60’ width.  Culvert on Hogback qualifies.

9.     Correcting fire numbers

Deer Head point is on hold.

New Business

1.     Approve Temporary Class ‘B’ retailer’s license for the Sale of Fermented Beverages to Buck Lake Sportsman’s Club “Fun Days”.

Motion by Dave 2nd by Lisa to approve issuing a Temporary Class ‘B’ retailer’s license for the Sale of Fermented Beverages to Buck Lake Sportsman’s Club “Fun Days”, on August 16 and 17.  Motion carried unanimously


Old Business

1.     Dust Control

No replies from property owners.  Too late this year.

2.     Receiving and Depositing Payments for Town of Rusk

All payments will be made to the Treasurer in the future.  Changes will be made on website for Building Permits and annual Liquor License letter will instruct applicants to mail payment to the treasurer and not the clerk.

3.     Building Inspector Report

No update

4.     Driveway/Culvert Ordinance

Chairman Dobrowolski presented a slightly revised document

Motion by Dave, 2nd by Lisa to pass the Driveway/Culvert Ordinance, effective September 1, 2014.  Motion carried unanimously.

5.     Barger Lawsuit Update

Recent hearing resulted in a counter offer from Barger’s.  Offer will not be accepted, forcing this to go back to court.

Chairman called for a 10 minute break at 8:51 pm.  Motion Carried.

Approve & Pay Monthly Bills

Motion by Dave, 2nd by Lisa_ to approve and pay the August 14, 2014 invoices, with the exception of checks # 11452, 11466, and 11471.  Motion carried unanimously.


Future agenda items

1.       Horse Shoe Lake road repair estimates - Steve

2.       Budget for 2015

3.       Bug Spraying of town hall

4.       Informational speaker from the County

5.       Appointing a 2nd supervisor


Motion by Dave, 2nd by Lisa to adjourn at 9:11 pm   Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by: Patricia R Arnold

                                 Clerk – Town of Rusk

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