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Town Board Meeting
Sep 11, 2014
PDF Version: 38910_2014-Sep-11_Town Board Meeting.pdf


Date: Thursday September 11, 2014
Location: Rusk Town Hall, N709 CTH “F”
Attendees: Chairman Dobrowolski, Supervisor Styczynski, Clerk Arnold, Treasurer Matus, 8 residents and 1 property owner from Big Bend.
Properly notice on September 11, 2014 at the Rusk Town Hall, Narrow’s Resort and Ponderosa and Backwoods.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by the Chair, followed by Pledge of Allegiance / Moment of Silence.

Minutes Approval
Motion by Steve 2nd by Lisa to dispense with the reading of the August Regular Meeting minutes.
Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Steve 2nd by Lisa to approve the August meeting minutes as presented
Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Motion by Steve 2nd by Lisa to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Clerk presented a Reconciliation Report for the Clerk’s office. Out of balance due to undeposited receipt in September.

Citizens’ Comments / Concerns

? Ted Hakala spoke to the Board about the speed on Plummer Road, urging the Board to pass an Ordinance to reduce the speed.

Roads Report

Emergency Repairs/Storm Damage – Horseshoe Lake Road culvert has been repaired.

Mowing – Wellner provided a map showing places needing mowing.

Brushing – discussion on options and budget impact

     Motion by Steve 2nd by Lisa to hire Wellner to do brushing on the Town of Rusk roads, following guidelines provided. Motion carried unanimously.

Potholes – discussion. No action taken

Culverts – Received an estimate from Peak for culvert repairs. Steve to get more estimates from other area contractors.

Patching – black top needs patching near TJ’s on N Potato Lake.

Signage – signs are all in the Town Shed, including 35 and 45 mph signs for Plummer Road.
Truck and Grader Maintenance – Auger will be in on Friday for installation. Ray Scott is taking care of this for the Town.

Plummer Road – Steve Zmrazek will coordinate signage for speed limits with Dave Franklin to get them erected as soon as possible.

Morning Side Lane – Lisa presented information on LRIP money. We do not have a large enough project, based on the parameters. Lisa will find out more about TRIP and LRIP and the Town’s options.

Correcting Fire Numbers – on hold for now

Naming Spur Roads – Clerk presented a map of Plummer Road where a Spur Road juts off. Addresses on the spur road have a Plummer Road address, though they are not on Plummer Road. Discussion on how to correct. Lisa will contact Rusk County.


a) Insect Treatment for Town Hall
Motion by Lisa 2nd by Steve to hire the same provider at $80. Motion carried unanimously.
b) Budget Amendment Resolution - Not needed
c) Resolution to Increase Election Worker Wages – Clerk to survey other municipalities and create a comparison of wages for presentation at next month’s meeting
d) Upcoming WTA Fall Workshops Clerk will attend.
e) Appointing a 2nd Supervisor Chairman will draw up a brief job description/request for interested parties. Clerk will post on the town website and at all business locations within the township that have bulletin boards for public notices


a) Building Permit Report - Clerk presented the report. Currently 22 building permits were issued in 2014.

b) Driveway/Culvert Permit - Application and fee
Clerk presented an Application Form for the board’s approval. Discussion about fee to be set. Fee is set by the Board, and per Wisconsin Statutes must be reasonable.

Motion by Lisa 2nd by Steve to approve the Driveway/Culvert permit application form, setting the fee at $25.00. Motion carried unanimously

c) Ordinance to Reduce Speed Limits on Plummer Road
Clerk presented maps of Plummer Road for both Town of Big Bend and Town of Rusk, and a copy of Big Bend’s ordinance for Plummer Road

Motion by Steve 2nd by Lisa to approve Resolution 2014-02, to decrease the speed limit on Plummer Road. Motion carried unanimously

d) Barger Lawsuit Update - court date to be set.

Chairman called for a 10 minute break at 8:43 pm.


Approve & Pay Monthly Bills

Motion by Lisa, 2nd by Steve to approve and pay the September 11, 2014 invoices, as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


Future agenda items

1. Log Cabin Road
2. Budget meeting
3. Election official wages
4. Filling 2nd Supervisor position

Motion by Lisa, 2nd by Steve to adjourn at 9:38 pm. Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by: Patricia R Arnold Clerk – Town of Rusk

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