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Town Board Meeting
Feb 12, 2015
PDF Version: 41502_2015-Feb-12_Town Board Meeting.pdf


Date:            February 12, 2015      

Place:           Town of Rusk Hall                                    

Present:        Chairman Dobrowolski, First Supervisor Steve Styczynski, Second Supervisor Steve Zmrazek, Clerk Pat Arnold, Treasurer Donna Matus, Building Inspector Jim Heldstab, County Supervisor Karl Fisher and 5 residents


1.     Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm  by Chairman Dobrowolski

2.     Approval of Minutes – January 8, 2015 Regular Meeting

Motion by Steve Zmrazek, 2nd by Steve Styczynski to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Steve Styczynski, 2nd by Lisa Dobrowolski to approve the January 8, 2015 minutes.  Motion carried unanimously.

3.     Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Lisa Dobrowolski, 2nd by Steve Zmrazek to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried unanimously. 

4.     Citizens’ Comments / Concerns 

a.Load limit sign missing at intersection of Buck Lake Rd and Sugar Lake Rd. (on the s/e corner)

b.New signs have been installed on the bridges


               (Action may be taken on any of the following items.)

5.     Town Roads –

a.      Salt/Sand

Karl Fisher suggested merging with Big Bend on purchasing Salt/Sand next season. Town could purchase direct from Chippewa County.


b.      Equipment

Grader has only been used a few times this year for snow plowing.  Could consider a cooperation between townships to lease our equipment to them.  No maintenance needed at this time. Discussed purchase of end loader (new or used) or leasing equipment as an option. Someone should attend Big Bend meetings.


c.     County Highway Staff

Highway Commissioner has resigned.  County is advertising the position. Nanci Mertes is the interim Rusk County Highway Department contact person.


d.     Pre-season Road Review

Board reviewed pie chart of budget provided by the Clerk for available funds in the budget.  Discussed 5 year road plan.  Discussed working on the Plummer Road project with Big Bend.


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